Here you will find photos of some of my new pieces.  Please contact me if you are interested in buying one or commissioning a special piece.

“Drama Blooms” is a variation on my dogwood branches theme, using a cuerda seca line surface techniqueand raku glazes blended to give strong color.

“Flowering Vines” is a cuerda seca line design on a white crackle background.

The floral design elements on this ceramic basket was brushed on over a crackle white raku glaze.

“Dragonfly Pond” is another cuerda seca line work, with adapted raku glazes to achieve the desired colors and textures.

“Sunflowers” shows the variety of colors possible using glazes blended with special calcined metal oxides and carbonates formulated to melt at raku firing temperature.

This cylindrical vase form is modeled after ancient Iranian forms and is decorated by a technique called “slip trailing”, using strongly colored glaze over a base crackle white glaze.

These two vases are variations of my “Four Portals” design.  Each portal quadrant may show a different season, and/or contain a one stanza of a verse which has significance to me or others.  I find it gratifying that many of my “Four Portals” vases have been commissioned, such as the “Serenity Prayer” vase on the right.

Another “Four Portals” vase, inspired by last summer’s trip to Ashland’s Shakespeare Festival, gives Puck’s much loved speech at the end of “Mid-Summer’s Nights Dream”: If we Shadows have offended, Think but this and all is mended: That you have but slumbered here, While these Visions did appear.”

One more “Four Portals” vase, inspired by a book I inherited from my Grandmother entitled “Leaves of Gold”. The other quadrants give: “But the greatest thing is to live life through, And to know at the end, The Dream was True.”

This utility vessel can be used to hold kitchen utensils or brushes, washcloths or other items in the bathroom.  The surface decoration is done by a method called slip trailing, using a viscous clay slip on the leather hard piece.  The piece is them carefully dried, fired and glazed with a flashy raku glaze.

An art deco-inspired vase in brown tones.

A pretty ceramic basket with a pulled and attached handle, and flashy glaze.

A large covered jar with pinwheel design and a pyrite handle.

These vases were made for an invitational exhibition called “The Mystical World of Fantasy”. The dragon pot, titled “Which Came First?” features the egg on the reverse side.  “Faerieville” was a fun conceit featuring two fairies, a fairy dwelling and even a fairy cat with wings (modeled from my roommates fat cat. Both designs were applied with cuerda seca line and raku glaze adaptations.